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Top 5 best restaurants in Porto

By Flattered Apartments

There are so many good restaurants and so many good people behind them that the simple thought of electing a mere 5 would normally make us run away from the job. Still, we do love a challenge, even if it comes with a little bit of controversy.


Before moving forward, we would just like to explain that behind this selection there are no other criteria, then the highly subjective criteria of our personal taste, here at Flattered and that we only mention places we have personally visited ourselves.

So, what are our recommendations?


There is a very heartwarming appeal, for us, when we step inside this Japanese restaurant in Foz do Douro. Masaki Onishi, his wife Akiko, and their daughter Rino always welcome us with the friendliest smile, just as if we were joining them for a meal at their own place. The food is probably just a small part of what makes it so special, but the freshest catch from our local coast is our definite favorite in this place.


A place where we wouldn’t change a single inch of the design and that seems as timeless as it should be. And it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the name of João César Machado and his family, who have made this place come to life.


For us, it is in its own right already a landmark.


We first met Vasco when we were still fighting over the idea that we could offer a chef-in-the-house experience here at Flattered. Fast forward a few years and we see ourselves sitting at one of his tables at Euskalduna, his most acclaimed place. 


Calling it a restaurant is an understatement, Euskalduna is a laboratory of flavors and textures, where the quality and originality of the dishes are certain. It is also a studio where the Chef takes on the role of artist and creator, mixing different gastronomic universes to reach a unique result, capable of seducing the five senses.


Not easy to describe a restaurant that has become a local institution. The formula seems quite simple: good simple food with great ingredients, great service, and a wonderful wine list. Sounds easy, but believe us, it’s not.


Seemingly little changed since it opened in the 1970s, O Gaveto features a bar area, where locals snack on stools, hemmed in by glass tanks filled with crab and lobster, and a dining room out back. The menu features a fantastic list of fresh shellfish, and catch-of-the-day fish waiting to be slapped on the grill. 


You will also find regular dishes of the day from the Porto cookbook. Sundays will feature bacalhau à Zé do Pipo (salt cod baked with a mayonnaise crust), Mondays and Saturdays, a formidable tripas à moda do Porto. Look out too for seasonal dishes like shad or lamprey.


To Make a long story short, we met Pedro when we were in college and we’ve always shared good friends. So, goes without saying that when he opened his restaurant, in 2009, we were quick to seat at one of his tables. 


With an impeccable level of food art, every dish accompanied by amazing matching wines is a real treat. Flavors, textures, and presentation: all of it in perfect harmony. At Pedro Lemos, the food and level of hospitality do not get old, they remain a classic.


With a cuisine based on presenting quality dishes with a very characteristic Portuguese flavor. Manuel Alves Restaurant is a unique, pleasant, and quiet place, where you will find good food and wine. With extreme attention and care in the products used, we can talk about emblematic dishes such as Tripas à Moda do Porto, Cozido à Portuguesa, or the fabulous Bacalhau in the oven, among many others.


This restaurant is also a terrific place to relax after visiting the Montebello chapel. Add to that a hospitable staff that perfectly reflects the style and character of this spot. It’s nice to try something new while enjoying the spectacular surroundings Manuel Alves offers. 

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