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Top 4 Miradouros in Lisbon

Lisbon is experiencing a renaissance, rightfully so (yes, we won’t be impartial). Our capital city has for far too long been overlooked by tourists planning European vacations. However, now that Portugal has firmly established itself as one of the most popular new destinations, Lisbon is finally receiving the attention it deserves. 


Miradouros are viewpoints on top of the many hills around Lisbon. It’s a bit of a climb to reach them but worth it for the view. They are great places to get some impressive photos of the beautiful city below making them our top thing to do in Lisbon.

But let’s start!

Miradouro da Penha de França

Our first choice is the Miradouro da Penha de França, Lisbon’s least well-known Miradouro. With no buildings or trees in front of you, the top of the hill at the end of Rua da Penha de França (an extension of Largo da Graça) offers a spectacular, yet distinctive, panorama over Lisbon.


Pro tip: because it faces southwest, the location is ideal for sunrises. So if you are a morning person, you will be happy to know that it’s just a 20min walk from our apartments.

Miradouro Monte Agudo

Our second choice is Miradouro Monte Agudo. This is our hidden jewel, so let’s all keep it a secret.


When we need a break from the bustle and traffic, we go to Miradouro Do Monte Agudo. We do it because nobody else travels there except for us, locals. This happens because Tuk Tuks, bicycles, and cars are not permitted.


Not only is Miradouro Do Monte Agudo the ideal location to watch the sunset, but it’s also a great spot to relax and read a book in the shade, hold hands, or do nothing but take in the laid-back atmosphere.

Miradouro da Graça

And now we have Lisbon’s most popular sunset viewpoint: Miradouro da Graça. The view is fantastic!


The huge green pines, the clock tower, and all the music and artists everywhere create a fantastic bohemian ambiance. Adding to that, it has a cafe that serves all kinds of cocktails, draught beer, and different toasts. The cafe is ‘hidden’ in the corner with the monastery at the back and the main entrance to the beautiful church to the right – if it wasn’t for all the tables and the chairs you wouldn’t see it.


All around the Miradouro da Graça is the perfect spot to view the sunset, with a great cocktail and great company.

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is considered by many as the best viewpoint in Lisbon.


Not only is it on Lisbon’s highest hill, but it’s also circular in shape without ‘neighbouring houses’ blocking the view. That allows for a fabulous 300° panoramic view of the city.


Enjoy one of Lisbon’s most important historical landmarks and also one of the quietest and least-known viewpoints in the city.

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