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“The thing we love the most about Tomar is really the slow pace, the quietness. This feeling of a city that somehow was left frozen in time while preserving so many beautiful things.” Catarina Alves, co-founder

The charm of a small town 

When we talk about Tomar it’s inevitable to mention the Convent of Christ and the Knights Templar. The architectural and historical legacy is so relevant that UNESCO declared the Convent a World Heritage Site back in 1983. It is still nowadays one of the most visited monuments in Portugal. 

This inescapable heritage does sometimes obscure the fact that Tomar is such a beautiful small countryside town.  One that offers a laid-back atmosphere with a great quality of life.  It’s a place to discover the little restaurants and “tascas”, the shops from another era, the historic cafes and even a Farmers Market with real local farmers every Friday morning.

It’s also a perfect base to explore the Center of Portugal with easy access to the coast, with Nazaré beach at a mere 1-hour drive, Coimbra even closer and Fatima just next door. For equestrian aficionados, it’s also a short drive from Golegã and its internationally famous Horse Fair that happens every November.


One thing often missed is the proximity to one of Portugal’s biggest artificial lakes Castelo de Bode where you can enjoy water sports or just the nice river beaches that abound along its shores. The list of things to experience in Tomar and its surroundings is quite impressive catering to many different tastes. 

We invite you to discover this amazing little town and of course, if you can, stay with us. We would feel really
flattered to have you with us!

The perfect place to come home to after exploring the city.


Flattered to be in Tomar


Flattered to be in Tomar

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