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Our story
“We remember very clearly the first time we were introduced to our brand name. We were all together in a huge high ceiling room in central Porto, upstairs from one of our favorite nightclubs, when our logo was first revealed to us. It was love at first sight.” Miguel Mateus, co-founder.
Flattered Apartments is the story of three unusual partners or maybe the unusual story of three friends that happen to be business partners. As avid travelers ourselves, hospitality seemed perfect for us and that’s how we ended up creating Flattered.
Our concept has always revolved around creating places that would immediately make you feel at home. A place of retreat after wandering in the neighborhood or adventuring through the city.
Flattered Apartments is not the usual stay experience. It's a place where guests are treated as family friends. A place that is design focused, but that manages at the same time to evoke a warm, comforting feeling of being at home.
An invitation to discover.

We’re Catarina, Miguel, and Catarina. Hi!

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What makes us special

Our best-kept secret. Our people.

They are the reason we manage to offer you an exclusive and heartwarming experience. They go the extra mile to offer you the best advice, book you the best places, arrange for that hairdresser appointment, chat about local politics while sharing a glass of Port, or sometimes just leave you alone. We wouldn’t be Flattered without each one of them.

Breakfast basket

Each morning our team sources the best local seasonal products to set up your breakfast basket. From an array of different types of bread and pastries, to organically grown fruits, juices, homemade jams, and local delicacies we go the extra mile to offer you the best breakfast that a basket can hold.

Comfort. /ˈkʌmfət/ noun

1. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

2. the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.


By definition, comfort is a word that translates to the absence or alleviation 0f pain or distress. Which for sure can be translated into multiple iterations depending on personal beliefs and cultural background.


At Flattered, we believe that by creating our physical spaces, more than alleviating pain, we are able to create an atmosphere that facilitates you to engage with your emotions.


Gratitude, togetherness, enjoying simple pleasures, mindfulness, and joy. All the things that make staying with us a memorable experience.


The big word in everybody’s mouth comprises a lot more than one might think. To those less acquainted with the world of sustainability, it involves a deep thoughtful look into social, economic, and environmental aspects of one’s everyday life as a business.


Based on the UN’s Chart of Sustainable Development Goals, we are taking into practice a set of principles that will allow us to take firm steps toward becoming the most sustainable company we can be. The road ahead is bumpy and we, as imperfect environmentalists, are aware that many challenges lie ahead. Join us in our mission to help tourism become more meaningful and friendlier.


The power of change is you and your choices.

Interior Design

We design to inspire. Ambitious as it sounds it wouldn’t feel right if we did otherwise. Our interiors are a mix of cross-references including custom-made designs, vintage pieces, and a selection of designer items by brands like De La Espada, Hay, Kartell, Flos, Artek, Ingo Maurer, &Tradition, Kvadrat, Gubi, among others.


It’s an arrangement of small details that revolve around architecture, furniture, objects, placement, lighting, colors, and visual consistency to inspire a sense of belonging and tranquility. An encouragement to linger and relax.


We hope you feel the same.

We are here for you

We believe that it's our team that makes Flattered Apartments truly special. As we usually say it’s our best-kept secret.

Catarina Silva

Miguel Mateus


Catarina Alves

Rita Moreira

Naída Mariani

Our people

Flattered Stories

People come here to explore. To recharge. To wander. They want to connect in a way you can’t unless you’re a local. All of them come as strangers but end up leaving as friends.

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