Top 5 best restaurants in Porto

Choosing a mere 10 out of hundreds of restaurants in Porto seems a gargantuan task. Still, we do love the challenge!



In a happy and unlikely fusion between tradition and modernity, Portugal’s northern gem punches high above its weight when it comes to contemporary architecture, good design, an amazing food scene, wine culture, quality of life and breathtaking views.


Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020Designação do projeto: Flattered Digital   Código do projeto: NORTE-06-38D7-FEDER-001096 Objectivo principal: Desenvolvimento e aplicação de novos modelos empresariais para as PME, com vista à internacionalização. Região de intervenção: Porto E[...]




About us

Welcome home!Glad to finally meet you Our story“We remember very clearly the first time we were introduced to our brand name. We were all together in a huge high ceiling room in central Porto, upstairs from one of our favorite nightclubs[...]