to be in Tomar

City of Knights Templar

Flattered to be in Tomar

All apartments have a private bathroom, a living room, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchenette.

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Flattered to be in Tomar

Escaping the frenzy of the “big cities” and enjoying a unique blend of history, nature, cityscape and countryside is probably the best thing Tomar has to offer.

The apartments Flattered to be in Tomar are located at the heart of the city, one step away from the Nabão River and with a privileged scenic view over the Convent of Christ.

Take a deep breath and let yourself go. In the meantime, besides the centennial history, discover the little restaurants and “tascas”, the shops from another era, the historic cafes and even a true Farmers Market with real local farmers. Here you will be able to enjoy the charm of a small countryside town in a contemporary setting framed by quietness and comfort.

The architectural design, authored by Architect José Carlos Cruz, was set out to rehabilitate apartments from the end of the 1940's and restore them the dignity they once had. All units were treated in order to modernize equipments and infrastructures, adapting them to a new use and always respecting, whenever possible, the original materials. Complying with a sharp idea of comfort, all the apartments bear a unique signature. The colors, the coatings, the floorings, the contemporary vs. vintage pieces, the lightings, the small bookcases and also the works from the Flattered Art Collection all layered and overlapping each other to enrich the spaces with a “touch of warmth”.